itsprincess2u (itsprincess2u) wrote in pregnanticons,


Welcome to pregnanticons!!

I am your mod/maintainer/owner of this community, itsprincess2u.

This community is for not only requesting pregnancy-related and TTC icons, but, taking some freebies that are made as well if you desire. There will be NO icons made in the community that aren't pregnancy or TTC related. You may request other graphics aside from icons, but, it's up to the maker's discretion if they'll grant your request or not.

Please take a few moments to read the rules located on the userinfo page. Adhere to them. Apply them. The community is currently under construction, so please pardon it's appearance.

Thanks, and welcome ladies!!!

If you'd like your community to be an affiliate, please drop a button here and link us via button (which can be found on the userinfo page) on your site.
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I was wondering if you'd be interested in affiliating with dreamyobsession?
hey, i requested to join & was declined. i don't mind at all but i was just wondering if i missed something in the rules? ツ